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Read Patti's Weight Loss Story

Dear Dr, Thiry, and True Weight Loss Staff,

It has been an incredible year and journey walking with the Lord as I have lost weight. I am thankful that the Lord led me to the True Weight Loss Clinic. I was very frustrated with my weight,it was distracting me, and taking my focus off the Lord. I avoided getting pictures taken and sometimes wouldn't go to events because of being overweight.I had tried everything, from Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem(325/month),Jenny Craig(spending $150-180/week)
, South Beach Diet Mail Order($300 +/month), LA Weight Loss, Lifestyle Diet ($ 295/month like Ideal Protein), with some few pounds shed that were quickly gained back after stopping the program. I had Pre-Metabolic Syndrome(BMI 32), a Fatty Liver and very High Cholesterol. I also had knee pain every time I walked.


I was a mess facing a total knee replacement. I knew I needed to take action especially when my daughter just got engaged.I thought she would get married by Dec.2018 and I did not want to be 180 lbs,size 12-14 dress at her wedding.I didn’t want to look as I did,
“Obese” in the multiple wedding pictures.

With much prayer and your effective programs, I have lost over 50 lbs.- from over 180 lbs to 133 lbs. I began with the Prescription Plan with B12/lipoden injections for two months. Then the 3rd month I decided to try the HCB program.

That accelerated my weight loss Oh my gosh the weight came off
and has not stopped coming off. By mid September(4 1/2 months after walking into the clinic) I had to stop using the Appetite Suppressant because my weight did not medically justify I needed it. There was no withdrawal or any s/s of addiction. I just stopped without any adverse reactions.


Now almost a year later, I am much healthier. My BMI within normal
range, Liver enzymes normal, cholesterol much lower and no need for statins and no knee pain. I did not have to have the total knee i was headed for.
Most of all, my focus doesn't involve constantly seeking to lose weight. My relationship with the Lord has been healed,as I have been delivered from allowing being overweight control my life.

I have made lifestyle changes that come naturally and not

obsessively through out this last year that I began the day, I entered your clinic. My lifestyle changes were following the South Beach Diet which I still do.

I have cut out eating sugar, and all starchy carbs. I eat so much, in fact I eat every 3-3.5 hrs. I do have some treats during the day and have since the beginning. I eat 1/2 Atkins bar with strawberries when I first get up. I eat an Triple Chocolate Atkins bar after lunch.I have found Sugar Free Whipped cream that I put on low carb protein pudding/shake from Dr. Weight loss that I have after dinner. If I want something salty or go to the movies, instead of eating Popcorn, I eat my Quest Protein Chips. They are high protein, low carb. I also may have 3 SF jolly ranchers, and 1 or 2 Sugar free Hershey little mini bars. These are great snacks to have on hand in any situation, to prevent eating desserts when you are out. I exercise 30 min a day. I jog while praying after my morning devotions, or I if I have to make business calls or watching TV, I will jog in place. I have Incorporated exercise into the things I do routinely, and not made it something extra to fit into my schedule.

I wanted you to know, how the Lord has used you in my life not only physically but spiritually.Thank you very much. I always have felt more than just a patient at your clinic. You make me feel unique and special as I see you do with the others who come in when I am there. You have a wonderful staff who are always pleasant, and sweet, with excellent skills.

In His Love,

Patti L.

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