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PRP Facial aka Vampire Facial in Austin, TX

A Blood Facial is simply the combination of PRP and a microneedling treatment. PRP refers to platelet-rich plasma, which is a natural component of the blood. Platelets in the bloodstream are the components that allow the flow of blood to clot from a wound. After the clot has developed, the enzymes that are contained within these platelets are then released. Stem cells are drawn into the area to facilitate with tissue regeneration and repair the damage to the area. These stem cells are the keys to providing more youthful looking skin, as they are responsible for creating new collagen and elastin.

Due to the high concentration of growth elements in PRP, its regenerative properties have been used to benefit other medical branches for decades. PRP has been used to increase wound healing from major surgeries such as facial surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and soft tissue ulcers. It is also commonly used to heal torn ligaments in athletes, as well as other conditions of the joints for many others. PRP has also been proven to reduce the effects of age-related and pattern hair loss as well.


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PRP Facial aka Vampire Facial

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