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Austin Weight Loss & Rejuvenation Clinic

At True Weight Loss Clinic in Austin, our unique “boutique” style world-class medical environment provides only state-of-the-art anti-aging therapies, body sculpting and non-surgical treatments…all in a comfortable, peaceful setting.


Our unique and health-centered philosophy blends cutting-edge medicine with the best weight loss experts and physicians in Austin, and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  This meshes into a truly unique health, beauty and wellness regime that overcomes conventional weight boundaries, by achieving remarkable, ageless results.

Austin Weight Loss Services
Austin Weight Loss Services


True Weight Loss Clinic offers personalized programs to patients who would like to try a diet, weight loss program, or hormone replacement plan that is customized to their specific lifestyles in fast-paced Austin Texas. Whatever your weight loss goals are, True Weight Loss Clinic is dedicated to finding a weight loss solution that best fits your needs. Please give us call to find out more information on our other programs and what we can do for you.

By talking to our dedicated skin care professionals during your initial skin consultation, you can discuss what your skin goals are and how to achieve the long-lasting results. In addition to injectable treatments, we offer medical grade facials to even out your complexion, improve texture and leave your skin glowing.

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